Marinatide is a sea fishing and exploration game, combining elements of strategy and adventure.


You play as Marina - a rookie sea captain and a fishing over-enthusiast, roaming the waters with her partner, Vino, in search of the next big catch.


But fishing life is not all breezy: there is a license to get and deadlines to meet. You have to fish against time and earn your keep or it’s all over!


Though, there’s always another day...


  • Exploration - Go island hopping and find all the hidden fish areas


  • Fishing - Use various fishing equipment wisely to catch and collect fish of all kinds… but avoid catching endangered species!


  • Unlocking and Upgrading - Sell your catch to upgrade and expand your range of equipment


  • Questing - Get to know the characters in the area and complete the missions they offer. Collect money, special items and rare fish for extra reward

  • Sea Cleanup - Collect garbage from the surface and the bottom of the sea to uncover new fishing spots, increase your haul and keep the waters clean!

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